Questionmark Live – Story Behind the Story

May 22, 2009 at 3:01 pm Leave a comment

image After working for months on Questionmark Live it’s wonderful to have completed the alpha, beta and release processes and today witness the birth.  Questionmark will be doing the press releases and product announcements so I don’t need to duplicate that here, but here is some background that you might appreciate.

In 2006 I read an article in Wired magazine by Jeff Howe where he coined the word Crowdsourcing.  The ideas quickly resonated with us and we started discussing ideas with customers on how to enable crowdsourcing of their assessment items. It became quickly apparent that the technology wasn’t particularly difficult but the business model was: they wanted free for an unlimited number of authors!

For someone with lots of mouths to feed ‘free’ was a challenge until we realized the tremendous impact of a great, usable and free tool! So after a couple of stiff drinks we got over that issue. In one real work test recently we harvested ~1,000 items from 40 people in about 5 days without any inducements; that’s unheard of in our industry.

image Then there was The World is Flat (available on Amazon) which explains that customers want to crowd source from subject matter experts anywhere in the world.  So languages had to be built into the user experience from day 1, with the ability to add and maintain languages in real time.

Frequently updating multi-lingual software would mean encountering QA issues so we knew that quality had to be built in from day one and quality doesn’t happen by accident. So new methodologies, new processes, new tools, team education and new product owners were employed to be part of the solution.

So those were the design criteria: crowdsourcing items from SMEs, run 24 x 7, update with new feature every 30 days, make the user experience delightful and multi-lingual from day 1, support top 20 languages (including Arabic and Chinese) within a year, and be free. And the team has done an amazing job with the architecture, implementation and deployment.  You’ll love it.

If you are a:

  • Customer – go to the web site and enjoy Questionmark Live for free!
    Link to Questionmark Live and our Customer Care team is always there to support you.
  • Partner or other stakeholder – enjoy being part of a winning team
  • Competitor – give up now – resistance is futile!

I hope you enjoyed this little story behind the story!


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