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Le Berbere Palace

DSC_0020Le Berbere Palace is in Ouarzazate which is considered the “door way to the desert.  This hotel is about half way from Marrakesh to Rissani which is on the western edge of the Sahara Desert.

There appears to be this “palace” and a new Palace which I assume is as luxurious and enjoyable as this one. 

The lobby has an area for tea, a cute fountain, friendly and helpful staff, but more important ‘high speed wireless’.  Unfortunately I could not use wi-fi due to a hardware problem with my laptop but my trusty AT&T cell modem carried me through to the internet.  So that was the good news, the bad news was that my emailed synced and so I spent the next 3 hours dealing with that! DSC_0006


After catching up on email I felt like I deserved to enjoy the pool area, some sculptures that have been used in some famous (locally filmed) movie productions and some fine dining (buffet style).


My kind and generous host picked up the bill (it is wonderful to have friends in high places) and so I can’t share those details but I can share that this hotel was previously used exclusively to entertain guests of the king. 

One word of caution, with this hotel, and as with many others around the world, don’t trust their wake up calls. I carry two phones use those alarms to make me and it was just as well I did!  Apart from that minor hitch this is a great, luxurious hotel and the area is historic, interesting.

Le Berbere Palace
Quartier Mansour Eddahbi,, Ourzazate, Morocco
Tel: +212 24 88 31 05/88 21 39/88 29 67
Fax: +212 24 88 30 71


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The Sahara Desert

DSC_0219 The Sahara Desert (Arabic: الصحراء الكبرى‎,) is the world’s largest desert and covers most of Northern Africa.  The Sahara it almost as large as Europe and almost the size of the United States.

We started out from a hotel in the late afternoon, when it wasn’t too hot and rode camels in for a couple of hours till we reach a Bedouin style camp. 

DSC_0545Two of us had come in with our guide and there was a Moroccan couple that had come in with their guide.  With the local cook we made 5 people staying in the camp that night.

The resident cook made it for seven of us staying in the camp that night. 

DSC_0520 The local guides and chef made us feel welcome and we played the drums together for a while and then I went climbing up a rather large sand dune which was a tough workout!

I just made it to the top to see the sun go down and the slide down was really enjoyable after the struggle to the summit!

DSC_0414DSC_0365 DSC_0405

DSC_0428Water is obviously precious in the desert and our well served us well and here is our chef lifting the water for our tea!

Arabian tea is sweet, black and refreshing. It is offered everywhere and well worth drinking to keep yourself energized and hydrated. 

DSC_0502After a wonderful dinner we retired early (10pm) and in the morning we rose early to watch the sunrise.  As you can see the desert brings out the best in our planet and it was well worth the lack of sleep to enjoy. 


I hope that you enjoy the pictures:


DSC_0572  DSC_0060


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