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Delivering Assessments Safely and Securely

We have just updated a Questionmark White Paper called “Delivering Assessments Safely and Securely” and I wanted to share a little about what it took to get to this point. These documents aren’t as simple to create as they might seem!

We produced the first edition of this a few years ago when there was confusion around the security requirements for the various types of assessments.  It was painful, but also amusing, to hear people engaged in vague conversations about “Assessment Security” when they did not clearly understand the distinctions among low, medium and high stakes assessments (see previous post on Distinguishing Low Medium and High Stakes Assessments) and/or the different types of assessments (see previous post on Types of Assessments Formative Diagnostic Summative and Surveys).

When you understand these distinctions it is easy to see that the security demands for each type of assessment are different.  So the first edition of this paper dealt with the issues at a high level, clarifying the different types of assessment and their differing security requirements.

Since then, through our participation with industry groups, trade associations and our Questionmark Perception users, we have developed a deeper understanding that we wanted to share. We have also seen many changes that we wanted to address, such as the changes that we’ve seen with certification exams and testing center paradigms, the wide availability of hand-held devices and the increased use of bandwidth-intensive content such as video.  It’s taken about 2 years of learning and about 3 months of writing, re-writing and gaining consensus. But finally we can share our work publicly.

This updated “Delivering Assessments Safely and Securely” white paper not helps provide us will not only help readers with key distinguishing but will also help organizations prevent costly and time wasting over-engineering of low-stakes assessments and/or the under-engineering of high-stakes assessments which would expose the stakeholders to unnecessary risks.

Enjoy your learning!


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